About our Bivvy Bags & Flys

About our Bivvies and Flys

Our Fly's & Bivi bags are ideal for activities & uses demanding minimal bulk, maximum utility & functional durability. Our range of Bivy Bags & Fly tents are manufactured by Aquaquest - leaders in waterproof technology. They are the result of a combination of best practice design, and use of best materials & construction techniques to ensure you get quality, performance, durability, and good value for your money.

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Fly & Bivy Bag FAQ:


frequently asked question icon What activities & situations are Flys & Bivy Bags best for?

A: There are many activities that Flys (also called fly-tents, flys, flies, tarps, tarpaulin, & hootchie's) & Bivy Bags (also known as bivvy, bivvie, bivy sacks, bivuoac, & bivi) can be used for. Some examples are:

Backcountry tramping & hiking - light-weight packable fly-tarp, bivi bags & hooped bivi shelter gives you a great back-up plan if the huts turn out to be full, or the weather turns dangerous mid journey. Every backcountry tramper, hiker, hunter, and fisherman should carry these, even if only for emergency shelter.

Lightweight back-country hunting & fishing- the lightweight packable nature of fly tents, bivy bags, & hooped bivy make them superb for keeping your back-pack bulk & weight down, while leaving you with lots of carrying capacity on the journey out after a succesful trip.

Camping trips and events - the room you save in your pack with light-weight packable tent fly, bivvie bag, & bivvie shelter gives you more room for those snacks, nibbles & refreshments to enjoy your stay!

Base camp infrastructure - our flys are great for putting up over cooking & meeting areas, to provide shelter from rain & sun.

Back-packing, Cycling & Motor-Cycling Journeys - on your trip around the country or your OE, it's always a comfort to know you have a lightweight fly, bivvy bag, or bivouac shelter with you when you find that perfect camp-site to stay for the night, or you need to take refuge from the elements.

Kayak Touring - our bivvies and flys stow into small spaces and make for great overnight shelters at those idyllic spots you find on your down-river, lake and coast kayak touring trips.

Camper & Caravan road trips - space is always at a premium, so why not take an extremely compact packable tent fly along for an extra awning when you need more protection from the elements. The kids will love a hooped bivy each to camp outside in ... think of the peace & quiet you will enjoy at night!

Around the Home or the Bach - our flys are great for some temporary shelter from the sun or rain while you are cooking on the BBQ, for your guests to stand under, or for the kids stayover.

Civil emergencies - when not in use our waterproof lightweight fly shelters and bivy bags will pack down well in your emergency survival kit.


frequently asked question icon What benefits do lightweight siliconised PU (polyurethane) coated fabrics offer in respect to Flys?

A: Siliconised Nylon Ripstop PU Coated material is the best performing material for its weight both in terms of durability and waterproofing! Its use enables the production of ultra lightweight flys that provide superior protection from the elements, and pack down to a small size requiring a minimal amount of your precious backpack space.


frequently asked question icon We hear Siliconised Nylon PU coated fabric is light-weight - does it also pack to compact size?

A: Yes - siliconised nylon PU coated fabrics pack to extremely compact dimensions, making Siliconised Nylon PU fly - tarps perfect for light-weight - low bulk - tramping, hiking, hunting, fishing, back-packing, travel, and camping.


frequently asked question icon What is the purpose of a bivvy bag?

A: The bivie bag adds an additional protective layer to your sleeping bag system. It will provide important insulation from the wind, waterproof protection from rain and dew, it will help keep your sleeping bag stay clean, and it will provide additional warmth insulation. In normal conditions, these sum to provide additional comfort and utility; in extreme conditions they sum to survival essentials.


frequently asked question icon How waterproof are the bivy bag fabrics?

A: The fabrics used in our bivvi bag construction are designed to keep the rain off your sleeping bag. Our bivy bag fabric upper has been appraised to 10,000 mm Hydrostatic Resistance (meaning it successfully resisted a 10m column equivalent of water pressure in testing). The ‘tub floor’ bottom of the bag is made of a heavy duty waterproof, non breathable fabric, designed as a water barrier. In situations where prolonged or severe wet weather is expected we recommend sensible site selection, and the use of our lightweight fly shelter overhead. Our Bivy's & Flys are made by Aquaquest - leaders in waterproof technology.


frequently asked question icon How breathable are the bivy bag fabrics?

A: The Bivy fabric upper allows the moisture vapour within the sleep system to pass through the fabric to the outer environment. Our upper fabric has a breathability performance rating of 3,000 gr/m2/day (meaning the fabric successfully allowed the equivalent 3000 grams of water vapour to pass through it in a 24 hour test period). In practice, all breathable fabrics work best when it is cold & dry outside, & warm on the inside. When used in bivy bags, breathable fabrics work best when used in conjunction with sleeping bags that have synthetic fill - which by nature allows moisture to freely transfer through the bag without entrapment - as opposed to feather-down bags which by nature tend to absorb moisture which is then prone to condensation within the sleeping bag. Because we can get a wide variation of cool to warm, and wet / humid to dry conditions in the New Zealand outdoors, our bivy bags also have a range of additional ventilation strategies deployed to ensure comfort in all conditions - from dual zips on the bivy bag through to zips and a mesh ventilation layer on the hooped bivy. We provide with each purchase a list of tips on how to systemise the best performance of the bivy.


frequently asked question icon Will the Bivvy bag enhance the warmth rating of my sleeping bag?

A: Yes - a Bivy bag can increase the performance / temperature rating of your sleeping bag / sleeping system by around 5 degrees Celcius.


frequently asked question icon Is there a warranty on the Flys & Bivy Bags?

A: Yes - Aquaquest Fly Tents and Bivvies are made from quality materials with best practice design, to last for years. They are so durable they come with a 2 year 'no worries' warranty - Materials & Craftmanship are fully warranted against defects to the original owner for two years. If the materials or workmanship in our product proves defective, we will repair or replace it accordingly.


frequently asked question icon What Payment options do I have with the shopping cart?

A: You can make secure payment using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express Credit Card as a Paypal guest - just add your item to the cart, go to the cart, checkout from the cart, select the 'dont have a paypal account' link, & make payment by credit card on the secure form. If you you already have a Paypal account, you can choose your preferred secure payment method accordingly.


frequently asked question icon How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We will usually dispatch the next business day. If there is likely to be any delay we will contact you. New Zealand delivery will usually be made within 1-2 days of dispatch.


frequently asked question icon Where do you ship to and how much will I pay for shipping?

A: Our shipping charge is set up for New Zealand wide delivery only. We can provide a quotation if you would like your order shipped elsewhere. Tracked shipping charges for New Zealand are as follows:

Flat rate $8.50 shipping charge for any order size.


frequently asked question icon Can I have a few days to appraise and then return a purchase 'no questions asked' ?

A: Yes you can - provided it is returned within a week of receipt, unused, and in new, as packaged condition, we will provide a credit for the goods, or provide an alternative from our range to your preference. Please do let us know in advance of sending if you wish to make a return or exchange, so we can prepare accordingly. .